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Kaaterina Kerekere

Over the years my work has shifted to reflect a more of an intimate relationship and connection with self and environment. Through a multimedia expression, my work explores tribal knowledge learning, the navigation of genealogies, narratives, histories, and the passing on of those learnings through whare wānanga (houses of learning). Combining repetitive layers of line work, patterns, and imagery, fusing traditional iwi (tribe) and hapū (subtribe) art and design foundations with modern symbolism, my work looks to echo narratives and concepts of learning styles, conditioning the mind to learn, to retain, to explore, to reimagine.

Creativity and Innovation of creative spaces plays an important role in learning, transmission of learning, and therefore the bringing together of people. Creativity can provide foundation. Provide voice. Bring forth awareness. Activate healing. Grow leadership.

Tai Kerekere

I work as a full time artist, designer (and dad) from my home based studio in Ūawa. My artwork ranges in mediums from acrylic on paper, canvas, clay, wood, silver and copper, scaling from large 2D works to small handcrafted adornment pieces.

Through my work I express the anguish, the conflict, the confrontations, the movement and the development of our culture and people. 

While my artwork is my passion, in reality it can’t sustain my whānau. So moving into the area of the graphic design industry was an opportunity to provide an income while still being my ‘creative self’… well as much as possible.

Digital Motion Graphic Work on Exhibition